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Confrontations with police, law enforcement, and the government prosecutorial apparatus is very intimidating and is meant to be.  

  • The process can be very tolling on an individual and on his or her family, emotionally, psychologically  and financially.   

  • Representation by a competent, experienced and aggressive lawyer who knows his stuff and who will fight tooth and nail for you is the only way a person stands a chance  in this dangerous and intimidating situation.  

  • The jeopardy of governmental action against an individual in any form often involves the loss of one's liberty, property or both.   

  • Attorney Derek Tyler is a person you can talk to because he has been there.  

  • Attorney Derek Tyler looks after you not just as a client but as a person who happens to be facing a difficult legal situation.  

  • He will fight hard to achieve the best possible results for you.


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